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Class Notes From Rajan Mital

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Know your Guide
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Sometimes it's easier to connect with students if they know a little about the teacher as a person. On this page I'll tell my class a little about myself.
I am a Mechanical engineer, I joined this Institute in the year 2000.
My main responsibility in the organisation is to look after the infrastructure and to to improve it. Presently I am also looking after the general administration. I am also convener of the student advisory and cultural committee for the session 2005~2006.Teaching assignment came my way just by chance. One of the lecturers decided to join back the industry stream in the middle of semester and there was no one in the college who could teach CAD at that time. So, I was asked to take up the task and since I started enjoying it, I have decided to take at least one course every year and that too of first year so that we can know each other better.
So, in case you need some advice, or would like to participate in any manner in ZEST, get in touch and if you are not able to locate me, leave message with my staff in room no. E122.

Office Phone Number:               129-2201008, 2201009
Residence Phone number:        129-2242887

E-mail address: